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           Roll & Roll Rear Seating

       Please note the prices below are for fully upholstered seats.

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We can supply all styles of  upholstery for rear seating  in your VW bus, from full re-trims to single seats or foams.

We carry a large range of fabrics  & vinyl's  ( over 5000 in total)  all  cloth seats  can have a rolled front, with sew lines and buttons  or sewn in flutes if required.

 We prefer to upholster all rear  seating onto boards  but we will make loose cushions for certain conversations e.g  Devons , Danbury, Canterbury Pitts and Blue Bird bed frames. All checked fabric's and fluted sew lines  will   match up perfect even when in the bed position !!!!

Prices for Danbury, Devon, Canterbury Pitt rear seating start around 390, this is  for all the cushions which make up the bed

Rock & roll seating upholstery to fit your dimensions or after market frames including engine cushion,  are available in any combination of fabric.


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You  can either have plain boxes edged with a contrasting piping, rolled front with sew in lines & buttons or fluted panels with                     contrasting piping.                                               


                         Cloth with knee roll & buttons                               Fluted                         Plain boxes cushions       Fluted with inserts

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Prices start from 280 ( in cloth )* 350 (in vinyl*) for 3/4 width bed's  and  310 (in cloth*) 390 (in vinyl*)  for full width ,  foam 75  for 3/4 80 full width, bed boards 40, different colour inserts are also available at an extra cost of 60 *( for 2 cushions). We can supply bed frames  275 for 3/4 width  / 295  full width. .

We also make P shaped bolsters to fill in any gaps in frames which are  45*  per pair.


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The above 5 photos are all upholstered onto Blue bird  bed frames and are in vinyl . Full leather is also an option for the rock & roll bed (please call for prices.)


Type 25 &  Type 4 Rear Seats

We can also provide type 25 &  type 4 rear seating upholstery  to meet your individual needs. All prices are the same as above.

If you want special requirements then in order to quote for these  we will need all your measurements and specifications, in order to ensure the finished product matches your requirements.

The photos to the right are of the customers  original  seat frame. We modified and upholstered it.

Please call Steve or Joanne on 01302 709926 or email  for prices.



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Rear Buddy Seats

Buddy seat  upholstery is also available. Back rests on  buddy seats can either be attached with Velcro , screwed or poppered in to place again depending on the conversation .

If  all you need is after market seating to go with your existing upholstery, we will try to match your cover as closely as possible.

Prices start from 65 (  in cloth*) and 85 (in vinyl*) Foam from 15. Again we can supply just the frame  if required .


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We can supply any size foam. We will even cut your engine foam to shape, not just cut the corners square.

E.g. prices for 3 foam rock & roll which includes rear cushion cut to shape is 85  3/4 width  or 50 full width  westfalia early bay 5" 110 plus p&p. Other sizes are available please email for a price.

All foam is high density eating grade foam  and is fire retardant which meets fire regulations

All prices exclude p & p. This will vary depending on items ordered. From 15 for 3 large pieces.

All  foam is firm /medium density  and complies to the fire regulations act.

* Standard colour vinyl's & cloth. **  prices for cloth covers exclude the cheater & otto range.

Please note  1/2 the balance is required as deposit  to book your job in , the balance is payable on collection or before despatching. Deposits are non refundable.


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