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Upholstery fabrics

Below is a small collection of some of our most popular fabric.

 ****This page is being updated lots of new fabrics to come*****


Cheater check

100%  Traditionally hand woven ( on floor looms ) cotton from India.

Each colour is available  in 2" check or stripe  1" & 1/2" herringbone 

This is our most popular  fabric .

  ( Click on 1st  image  for larger picture)

       Chet 16       


                                     Chet 1                Chet 2            Chet 3          Chet 4         Chet 5   


                                      Chet 6                  Chet 7            Chet 8           Chet 9          Chet 10       


                                     Chet 11          Chet 12            Chet 13               Chet 14             Chet 15


                                               Chet 17         Chet 18         Chet 19              Chet 20


                                                         Chet 21            Chet 22              Chet 23



Cambridge cotton collection (Standard range)

 100% cotton  hand woven ,medium weight fabric,

Suitable for both curtains & upholstery


  ( Click on 1st row of images  for larger picture)


                                Green gingham    Green big    check  Green Stripe         Green check



   Blue gingham    Blue big check     Blue Stripe           Blue check          



          Red gingham        Red big check            Red Stripe               Red check                


                                                         New patchwork  (Standard range)

This fabric is a light weight fabric.

 100% hand woven cotton.


(Click on 1st  image for larger picture )



            Rust                         Apple                      Lilac                        Peach            Cornflower               Olive



  Westfalia repro fabrics

@ 45 per meter

This is made to the exact spec of the original cover  produced in the U.S.A &  it is special order  only ,we do have  a small amount in stock.



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